«Камелия НПП»

Научно-производственное предприятие "Камелия НПП" 25 лет работает на российском фармацевтическом рынке, являясь производителем лекарственных препаратов, биологически активных добавок, косметических масел. Вторым направлением деятельности предприятия является производство сырья для косметической промышленности, а также сухих экстрактов и субстанций для фармацевтической промышленности.


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    • Matej Varga
      Написал 19 июня 2022 00:23
      Good afternoon

      My name is Matej Varga, and my country of residence is Slovakia (EU). I tried to find the ENG option on your website, but so far, I have not been able to find other languages than Russian. In my country, I have been able to purchase Eleuterococci extractum fluidum (50 ml) and Rhodiolae extractum fluidum (25 ml), but I have not found liquid extracts from Schisandra chinensis, Leuzea rhapontica and Aralia mandshurica (extractum fluidum or tinctura) from Russia or Ukraine.

      Thus, I have been searching the high-quality extracts or tinctures (perhaps pharmaceutical grade) from the roots and fruit of the above-mentioned plants, which naturally grow in Sweden, Russia, and Ukraine. In my country, there are mainly available powders, capsules, and tinctures, which look rather dubious, and I have my doubts and reasons to assume these products lack the overall quality and a solid level of concentration of the active compounds.

      Therefore, I would like to ask you whether you can provide an option to buy some high-end tinctures from the fruit of Schisandra chinensis and from the root of Aralia mandshurica and Leuzea rhapontica. I would also welcome you can potentially recommend to me some of your partner shops, which would be helpful.

      Leuzeae extractum fluidum:

      Active substance: Leuzeae rhizomata cum radicibus (Leuzeae rhizomata cum radicibus); manufacturer: Camellia NPP (Russia); Vladivostok Pharmaceutical Factory; 70 % ethanol.

      Best regards

      Matej Varga

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